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Eleka Ingeniaritza Linguistikoa S.L. develops and markets multilingual products and services based on linguistic technologies.

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Privacy Policy

Eleka Ingeniaritza Linguistikoa SL knows exactly how precious it is to preserve your privacy. That is why we only require one or few of your particulars, such as your name or your e-mail, if it is absolutely necessary in order to provide any information, products or services you have requested us or to contact you. In such case, and always before you send that information, we would notify you that we are going to store the aforementioned particular(s), as well as the purpose of that storage.

You are under no obligation to provide all the personal data we ask you for; only the essential data to supply your requirements or to contact you would be enough. We will indicate those data with an asterisk (*), and under no circumstances will the fact that you do not supply the non-compulsory particulars entail you will receive a lower quality service.

Those provided particulars will be stored in one or several files which will allow us to gain automatic access, thus expedite our services whenever you should require them. Depending on the type of data they contain, the files will be registered with their corresponding level of protection in the Data Protection Agency.

If you have at any time provided us with personal data, you may, if and when you wish, exercise your right to opposition, access, rectification and cancellation in accordance with the Data Protection Law by sending us an e-mail to info @ eleka . net or a letter to:

Eleka Ingeniaritza Linguistikoa SL
Zelai Haundi kalea, 3 Osinalde industrialdea, 20170 Usurbil, Gipuzkoa
TELF.: 943 377 225
FAX: 943 365 923
FIN: B20779161
Registered at Registro Mercantil de Gipuzkoa L.:1972, page.: 63, #.: SS-21026

Providing other companies with data

If, in order to provide you with any information, products or services that you may require, we should need to contact other companies (such as The Post Office, a courier service or a transport service), they will only receive information which is absolutely necessary to achieve their assignment, and they will be forbidden to use such information for any other purpose.

Identification of the computer. Cookies.

In order to make website work in an optimum fashion, it is sometimes necessary to obtain or identify the information from the computer. For example, in order to check how many times the website has been visited, what type of browser each user uses or to save the user from having to choose the language in which the website appears every time he or she visits it. Under no circumstances does this identification process provide us with personal information concerning you, nor does it give us access to the contents of your computer.

In matters of the aforementioned identification, text files known as “cookies”, which are temporarily stored in your computer, are normally used. They are totally innocuous and are very small in size. The website automatically consults the “cookies” when you visit it. Thanks to this, the contents may be shown in the language you have previously selected, specific contents may be shown in accordance with previous choices made and, furthermore, you may visit reserved areas or store products of your choosing in cases where there is a purchase system including a “trolley” or “basket”, among many other possible functions.

You may programme your Internet browser in such a way that it will not accept “cookies” but, if this is the case, you may not be able to use all the functions that the website offers.

Statements Update

At some time, we may be obliged to make some changes in our Privacy Policy in the sense that it may be necessary to adapt it to the laws currently in force at any given time. For this reason, we recommend that you visit this site whenever you are going to send personal data.

Zelai Haundi kalea 3 - Osinalde Industrial Zone - 20170 Usurbil - Gipuzkoa
Tel: (+34) 943 377 225   Fax: 943 365 923  |  info@eleka.net